Focal Point Healthcare


What types of tests are available?

We offer two types of tests: Viral PCR tests and Serological Antibody tests. Viral PCR tests are used to determine whether you are currently infected with COVID-19 and are performed with a nasal swab sample or blood prick. Serological antibody tests determine whether you were infected with COVID-19 in the past and have since developed antibodies and are performed through a blood draw. They do not tell us whether you are actively infected with COVID-19.

If I test positive for antibodies, does these mean I have immunity?

The latest research shows that it is likely that you have at least partial immunity for at least some period of time. Research is currently underway and we are hoping to know more soon.

How long should I quarantine if my viral PCR test is positive?

In accordance with current CDC guidelines, you should quarantine for 14 days.

Do I need to quarantine if I test positive for antibodies?

A positive antibody result means that you have been exposed to COVID-19 in either the distant or recent past. We include a free virtual visit with the doctor for all positives to discuss the results and next course of action.

How long will it take to receive my test results?

You will have your results before reaching your destination. Takes 5-10 minutes.

Can I receive both the viral PCR and serological antibody tests?


Is it possible to test positive for both tests (can I have antibodies and an active COVID-19 infection?)

As your body begins to produce antibodies to fend of the virus, you may be producing some antibodies but not quite enough to get rid of the virus. So yes, you could have antibodies and an active infection.

What safety precautions do the licensed clinicians who perform the tests take to avoid contracting and spreading the virus?

They are wearing PPE, masks, eye-protection in each visit. All of our clinicians are being temperature checked and screened for symptoms themselves on a daily basis.

Do I need insurance to utilize this service?

We accept most insurance but you can also just do cash-pay.

What does insurance cover?

If we accept your insurance, it will pay for everything except the co-pay.

How accurate are the tests?

Viral PCR testing is approximately 99% accurate. Unlike other rapid result tests currently available, our serology antibody test is 100% specific. This means our test has zero false positives.

How will I receive my results?

Your result will be sent to you via text or email as soon as within minutes of taking the test.

Which areas are you servicing?

For home testing, Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego and San Francisco. For Drive-thru, Newport Beach currently and in the process of opening up three other sites in California.

How long will it take to receive my test results?

Typically in about 10-15 minutes but will fluctuate based on volume.

Do I need insurance to utilize this service?

Our service of collection of the sample and our physicians interpretation of results is not covered by insurance – however, accept most major PPO plans and medicare and only charge a $50 copay for whats not covered. If no insurance or just willing to cash-pay, we just charge the advertised amount for the tests.