Focal Point Healthcare

Drive-Thru or At Home COVID-19 Testing


We safely collect your sample and have it interpreted by our physician instantly.

- Viral PCR Testing -

“Currently Infected?”
This Finger Prick test can determine if you are currently infected with COVID-19 and is approximately 99% accurate.

If you are experiencing symptoms at the time of your test, we recommend a virtual visit with a doctor on the day of sample collection to safely manage symptoms.

Drive Thru Testing

$199 for the first test

with results in 10-15 minutes

1520 W. Coast Highway, Newport Beach, CA 92663

At Home Testing

$299 for the first test

$199 for each additional test in a household

*If you have insurance, we can submit it to our lab partners to cover the lab cost. If your insurance does not cover, you may receive a bill from the lab.

*If you do not have insurance, we have a pre-negotiated cash price with the lab of $50 that we will pass along to the lab. You will not receive any additional bill.

- Serology Antibody Testing -

“Do I have antibodies for COVID-19?”

This blood draw tests for antibodies and can determine whether you have been ever been exposed to COVID-19. The results of these tests do not determine whether you are currently infected, but they do tell us if you have been infected in the past. Our serology antibody test is 100% specific. This means our test has zero false positives.

At Home Testing

$250 for the first test

$199 for each additional test in a household

Safe, quick and accurate results, all within the comfort of your car or home

- Telehealth Virtual Visit -

In the comfort of your car while in line or at home, we offer virtual visits with a doctor.

We can bill your insurance carrier with no deductible, or we do accept cash-pay.